The Regina Intersectoral Partnership (TRiP) is a three-component (to brochure inside), multi-sector collaborative risk-driven initiative designed to improve community safety and well-being in Regina, Saskatchewan. These components include the 11 and Under Initiative (11UI), the twelve&up Initiative (twelve&up), and a Hub.

By focusing on coordinated service support, reduction of barriers to pro-social activities, and school engagement, both 11UI and twelve&up aim to generate risk reduction, and ultimately reduced vulnerability of children and their families. The Hub is designed to identify situations of acutely-elevated risk, and rapidly mobilize interventions of support to prevent crises and harm.

The focus of TRiP’s 11UI and twelve&up is “behaviours or conditions that place children in a position of vulnerability”.   The goal is to “make appropriate connections and referrals for children to optimize their health, safety and development through improved communication and collaboration among service providers”.