The need for 11UI and twelve&up stems from a multitude of challenges within the community and the broader human service delivery system. These include a lack of service coordination, isolation among service providers, disjointed case management, fragmented information sharing and a reactionary-heavy human service delivery system.

In 2008, research began for the development of a prevention and early intervention initiative targeted at children exposed to risk factors that may increase their tendency to engage in unhealthy behaviour.  In 2010, a Steering Committee comprised of senior human service managers representing the Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Justice (added in 2015), Saskatchewan Health Authority, Regina Public and Catholic School Boards, the Regina Police Service was implemented.  The Committee has provided oversight and strategic direction since that time.

The Board of Police Commissioners for the City of Regina on behalf of the Regina Police Service (RPS) has acted as the accountable partner since 2012 when 11UI began receiving Ministry of Social Services funding. RPS continues to fulfill this accountability and reporting role as an in-kind contribution to the collaborative approach of TRiP.

In the summer of 2015 the Public School Division identified space in the Board office located at 1600 4th Avenue which could be available for TRiP to work from.  A memorandum of understanding was developed between the Regina Public School Division and the remainder of the TRiP stakeholders.  Dedicated TRiP stakeholder representatives moved into the new space in September of 2015.