The TRiP stakeholders include Regina Public Schools, Regina Catholic Schools,  Regina Police Service, Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Justice, Saskatchewan Health Authority. Each TRiP stakeholders provides a staff member(s), financial and in-kind contributions to the components. All stakeholder partners are represented on the Steering Committee.

TRiP does not deliver direct services to individuals.  TRiP partners with key stakeholders and accesses existing community agencies to deliver programming and services that meet a presenting need.  There are 3 lenses of supports accessed.  First, through existing stakeholder representative agencies, which include the Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Justice, Child and Youth Services-Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and School Divisions. If a child or family is connected via an open file with one of these stakeholders, TRiP discusses past and present involvement then explores options and supports to be utilized as part of the case plan.   Examples of these agencies include but are not limited to: Fox Valley Counseling Services Inc.; Aboriginal Family Services; Family Service Regina; Catholic Family Services; Ranch Ehrlo Society-Family Preservation Program.  Schools allow for access to Elders, Counsellors, Psychologists, ‘innovative specialized programs’ which are TRiP designed to specifically meet the needs of hard to program individuals (hoop dancing, smudges) as well as in school behavioural assessments.  Psychologists, psychiatrists, parenting support programs, Elders, addictions and mental health counsellors are utilized through SHA.

The second lens is Community Based Organization programming and pro-social activity.  TRiP has worked extremely hard to build relationships and educate the community of our work.  As a result, we have many excellent community partners who often dedicate spots in programming or allow for participation at a reduced cost for the 11UI and twelve&up individuals.  Examples of these partners include YWCA, YMCA, Dream Brokers, Bricks for Kids, Amazing Adventure, The Saskatchewan Science Centre, University of Regina – Educating Youth in Engineering & Science (EYES) Camps, City of Regina-Leisure Centres, Neil Balkwell Centre, Big Brothers, Special Olympics, Sport Ball, Level 10, Lumsden Beach Camp, Dallas Valley Camp, Artrageous, Hoop School, and the Regina Equestrian Centre.

The third lens includes organizations, strategies and Provincial Government agendas that dovetail with the type of needs that often present at a TRiP referral.  These include the Cognitive Disability Strategy, Complex Needs Case Protocol, the Autism Resource Centre, Violent Threat Risk Assessments (VTRA) and Regina Open Door Society.