Intake & Referral Officer

At the initial in-person meeting with the parent/guardian, the I&RO will explain the consent form, ensuring that the individuals feel informed and understand the expectations.  Once this conversation occurs, they will either:

– Sign consent – process proceeds


– Decline signing consent – conclude file


Once Consent is signed, the I&RO explains the intersectoral Collaboration Team (iCT) meeting and Coordinated Custom Case Conference process.


Generally at this time, the I&RO will conduct the Caregiver Intake Guide, however if this initial contact does not afford the appropriate time allowance to do so, the I&RO will schedule a separate time to meet with the Caregiver. Additionally, times are scheduled within 1-2 weeks after receiving the School Background Report with the child to conduct the Child & Youth Guide.


Finally, the I&RO checks the history on the police database IEIS (Internal Electronic Information System).


School Liaison (SL):

The Public or Catholic School Liaison from the corresponding school division will work with the school to complete the School Background Report. Generally this information is received from the homeroom teacher, guidance counselor and may include informational comments from Administration. The information gathered in this Questionnaire is typically collected within 1 week from consent being signed.

As part of the School Background information the School Engagement Officer (SEO) explores attendance and attachment if these have been identified in the School Background Report.


Administrative Support (AS):

The Administrative Support will receive the Caregiver Intake Guide; School Background Report; and Child & Youth Intake Guide from the I&RO and scan them to be placed in TRiP’s shared database, box.


Stakeholder Representatives:

Once verbal and/or written consent is received, the clients name is shared with each TRiP stakeholder to determine if there is any past or present information on the client and the family.  This information is collected by each stakeholder individually then provided at the iCT meeting when that client is presented.


Closed or Re-Referred

– if a referral is received by the I&RO on a previously referred client the following will occur:

– if it has been received under 6 months – a review of the previously gathered data will be utilized and any updates made;

-if more than 6 months have passed then a full new Intake and questionnaire will take place.


Initial Contact with Family Forms

One of the following Forms will be completed as part of a formal referral to 11UI or twelve&up:

  • Caregiver Intake Guide
  • School Background Report (Public | Catholic)
  • Child & Youth Intake Guide
  • Risk-Based Needs Assessment