Below is the 11UI and twelve&up process for referral, intake and integrated case management.


11UI from:

  • school
  • police
  • RQHR
  • MSS
  • community

twelve&up from:

  • 11UI clients aging out of 11UI
  • schools (youth transitioning from grade 8 to 9)

SEO focus:

  • current 11UI & twelve&up clients with high absenteeism
  • youth exiting correctional institutions


*Previously Referred | Closed:

  • if under 6 mths—review previous intake package & update;
  • if over 6mts facilitate a new referral


  • Caregiver Referral Form
  • Agency Referral Form


Intake Process

within 72 hrs or 3 attempts

I&RO Initial phone 

contact family to:

  • discuss referral;
  • explain initiative;
  • explain & obtain verbal consent;
  • set date to meet. for written consent
  • once verbal consent received, I&RO share referral name (via email) with stakeholders



  • Consent Form


Initial Contact With Family

I&RO initial in-person mtg w/ parent/guardian:
  • sign consent—

– if no, then conclude

– if yes, proceed

  • next steps explain iCT & C4 process
  • conducts Caregiver Intake Guide
  • conducts Child & Youth Guide
  • checks history on IEIS
I&RO circulates referral names:
  • via email/phone to stakeholder reps
SL will:
  • contact school
  • conducts School Background Report
  • contact SEO re: attendance issues
AS transcriptions on:
  • Intake Guides & bkgrd Reports
Stakeholder reps gather info:
  • past & present information on referral & family to be presented @ iCT
  • Caregiver Intake Guide
  • School Background Report (Public | Catholic)
  • Child & Youth Intake Guide
  • Risk-Based Needs Assessment Tool

intersectoral Collaboration Team

iCT meeting weekly

I&RO presents client info incl:
  • Police history
  • Risk-Based Needs Assessment Tool
  • Any other observations from questionnaires
Stakeholder round table:
  • Share info on past & present      involvement
SEO input
iCT Stakeholders determine course of action:

– conclude


– develop case plan

C4 Action Plan:
  • Who takes the lead at C4 case    conference?
  • Who attends C4?
  • iCT Action Plan
  • Community Engagement Summary
  • School Engagement Summary

Coordinated Custom Case Conference

includes SEO & SW feedback

iCT Stakeholder Lead will:
  • reach out to family to schedule time & location then informs required iCT stakeholders
  • develop action plan based on previous services provided & current needs (based on iCT Report Form)
  • ensure family & stakeholder consensus & commitment to execute Action Plan
  • determine frequency of case conferences & set next date
  • case conference notes transcribed (C4 Lead to AS) & circulated to C4 stakeholders
  • C4 Lead/Case Manager follow-up with family on case conference ‘To-Do/Actions’ & commitments
  • continuous follow-up by all Cstakeholders involved
  • process repeats based on need until point of stability or conclusion
  • transition plan for closure (when appropriate)

Case Conference notes out to C4 stakeholders w/in wk or 3 business days


  • C4 Report




  • refused consent
  • C4 determination to terminate
  • obtained stability
  • aged out
  • family not engaged
  • family not supporting school attendance
  • family moved
  • Case Closure Report
  • Risk Assessment & Comparison Instrument
  • Child Exit Survey
  • Caregiver Exit Survey
  • Youth Exit Survey