Following an intake, TRiP’s intersectoral Collaboration Team (iCT) is mobilized to identify appropriate resources and supports in the community that can contribute to integrated case management. With the family/caregiver, a Coordinated Custom Case Conference (C4) is held to develop an action plan around the needs of the child and his/her family. This larger group commits to providing ongoing support, referral and follow-up, until a child’s vulnerability subsides, and the group feels comfortable closing the child’s file.

Responsibility of Case Lead:

– complete the iCT Action Plan

– determine Coordinated Custom Case Conference (C4) participants based on presenting issues and current engagement

– send out meeting date invitation to caregiver and participants

– record and circulate case notes to C4 participants within 7 business days of the C4

– on-going case conference planning, follow-up and frequency to be determined at C4 and facilitated by Case Lead.

Case Lead will also:

– with the assistance of the Administrative Support, monitor consent ‘anniversary date’ and renew annually

– facilitate filling out a Summer Activity Information & Logistics (SAIL) form if summer registration, planned activities, transportation and other notes need to be and communicated with the youth and their caregiver

– ensure a transition plan is in place when closing a file

– update TRiP team if circumstances change or if a major event has occurred which may impact the iCT Action Plan (i.e: Ministry of Social Services is closing a file; child is transitioning between schools; moving out of town)

In situations of summer case management plans, a Summer Activity Information & Logistics (SAIL) form must be completed by the case lead, case manager or administrative support.

The Client Prosocial Record (CPR) is designed to capture all of the prosocial activities the client is in involved in.  These can include activities that TRiP stakeholders have assisted in funding and activities the family has enrolled in.

Coordinated Custom Case Conference Forms:

  • C4 Report(s)
  • Support Worker Request Form
  • School Engagement Worker Request Form
  • Community Engagement Summary
  • Client Prosocial Record (CPR)
  • Summer Activity Information & Logistics (SAIL)