The following 5 points have been identified as elements to consider when making a referral to TRiP’s 11 and Under Initiative (11UI) or twelve&up Initiative. 
The person or agency making the referral will have:

detected behaviours or conditions that put a child/youth in a place of vulnerability

Elements to consider for a referral to TRiP are:

  • The child/youth exhibits multifaceted behavioural challenges.
  • The child/youth is showing or is affected by composite risk factors.
  • Previous engagements in services have shown little progress in the child/youth.
  • The child/youth has experienced personal, situational, and/or institutional barriers to services and support.
  • After having explored other options, the referring agent considers TRiP to be the best option.

What is expected from you?

  • the child/youth’s participation in 11UI or twelve&up is voluntary and requires parent/guardian consent;
  • it is important for the caregiver to recognize that they have an important role influencing the child/youth’s behavior;
  • there is an expectation the caregiver will be involved in all case conferences and other activities to support an agreed upon plan;
  • failure to participate may result in a discontinuation of support from the initiative.

Caregiver & Agency Referral Form: