The Regina Intersectoral Partnership (TRiP) is a two-component, multi-sector collaborative risk-driven initiative designed to improve community safety and well-being in Regina, Saskatchewan. These components include the 11 and Under Initiative (11UI) and the twelve&up Initiative (twelve&up).

By focusing on coordinated service support, reduction of barriers to pro-social activities, and school engagement, both 11UI and twelve&up aim to generate risk reduction, and ultimately reduced vulnerability of children and their families.

The focus of TRiP’s 11UI and twelve&up is “behaviours or conditions that place children in a position of vulnerability”.   The goal is to “make appropriate connections and referrals for children to optimize their health, safety and development through improved communication and collaboration among service providers”.

TRiP is a shared commitment by multiple human service agencies including Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Justice, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Regina Public and Catholic School Boards, Regina Police Service working to improve client outcomes through intersectoral collaboration, risk reduction, and coordinated service provisions.  This is an innovative approach to mitigating or eliminating varying levels of risk and victimization in a collaborative working environment.

The model serves as a continuum of service, if required for children coming into the 11UI.  The two components of TRiP’s model are very complimentary of each other.  Children or adults identified in one Initiative may require the services of one of the other initiatives.  Referrals become seamless in the TRiP model.

TRiP has the capacity, expertise and current mobilization of multi-sector resources to generate impact on our identified outcomes.  One of the greatest strengths of TRiP is the positive working relationship developed amongst key stakeholders and families which translates into positive impact with clients.  These relationships have been further solidified through the dedication of human resources by TRiP stakeholder representatives.