Prevention & Early Intervention

The 11 and Under Initiative (11UI) is a collaborative partnership aimed at supporting children under the age of 12 who are exhibiting behaviors that put them at risk for criminal involvement or are at increased risk for victimization.  Children are referred to 11UI through an early identification process.  Once a referral is received, the Intake and Referral Officer obtains consent allowing the partners to work with the child and family. 11UI utilizes assertive and integrated case management to engage children and families with human services and community supports.

The 11UI collaborative partnership includes commitment from; Regina Public Schools, Regina Catholic Schools, the Regina Police Service, the Ministry of Social Services, the Ministry of Justice and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

The 11UI partnership also supports the strength and resilience of families by increasing awareness and access to existing social and community support services.  The impetus and need for such an initiative within Regina grew out of challenges faced by many sectors and families, overwhelming evidence and research on early intervention benefits, as well as the opportunity to align with provincial policy direction regarding children and youth.  Ultimately, an opportunity to support improved community safety and social well-being.

Initiative Objectives

  • By improving the communication and collaboration among service providers to strengthen the early identification of challenges among children and their families.
  • By creating a process to provide seamless referrals to the appropriate service provider(s).
  • By early identification of family members demonstrating behaviour that may put them or other family members at risk.
  • By connecting children and families with appropriate services and programs.


 11 and Under Expected Outcomes and Indicators

Pro-Social Engagement

  • Increase in pro-social activities – sports, before/after school programs
  • Connect “At Risk” families with pro pro-social services

Stay in School

  • Increase school attendance and engagement
  • More children staying in school

Increased Coordination of Service Response

  • Reduce service gaps for children and families
  • Reduction of children in care, families needing social assistance

Enhancing Family Services

  • More evidence of effective parenting
  • Safe, stable home environment
  • Increase the strength of the family structure

Crime Reduction and Prevention

  • Reduce the involvement with the criminal justice system
  • Reduction of anti social/criminal behaviour