At various points throughout the process a referral may be concluded. If this action is taken, correspondence back to the referral source and the caregiver is provided and may include recommendations for consideration.

Reasons for concluding a file may be:

    • Refusing consent
    • Determination at C4 to terminate
    • Child and family have reached a point of stability
    • Aged out
    • Family is not interested and not engaged
    • Family is not supporting school attendance and engagement
    • The family has moved from the City
    • Ministry of Social Services apprehension; in Family Treatment Program; or are a long term ward

When a case lead may be uncertain on the future of an active client, the Active Client File Review (appendix b) will be used to determine if there is still value added for TRiP to remain involved.  After completing the Active Client File Review a determination is made and communicated with the caregiver and other vested partners.

Closure Forms:

  • Case Closure Report
  • Caregiver Exit Survey
  • Youth Exit Survey
  • Post TRiP Student Report
  • Risk Based Needs Assessment Post
  • Risk Based Needs Assessment Definitions Post