All stakeholder Representatives attend the iCT meetings which are held each Wednesday afternoon.  New referrals are scheduled at designated times to allow for the School Resource Office (SRO) that is responsible for the school of the young person that is being presented to attend.  The SRO is excused from iCT following the conversation and any administrative/strategic conversation items that have surfaced during the week are discussed at this time allowing for team dialog and input.

Client Presentations:

The I&RO presents clients who have signed consent and where there is a completed Care Giver Intake Guide; School Background Report; Child & Youth Intake Guide and  a Risk-Based Needs Assessment.

Observations, key pieces of information and client insight gleaned from these forms are shared as part of the I&RO presentation.

A roundtable occurs where each stakeholder presents sector specific past and present information which highlights involvement with the client.

If relevant, the School Engagement Support position brings information obtained from the school specific to attachment, engagement and achievement concerns.

iCT Discussion

Once all of the client information, past and present programs, services and supports have been discussed a determination on the course of action occurs.

If it is determined to be declined, TRiP Administrative Support will draft a letter stating the reasoning why it will not be moved to open file status and if appropriate, may include recommendations.  A copy of the letter will be provided to the referral source and to the caregiver.

If the file is determined to be waitlisted, TRiP Administrative Support will draft a letter stating the rationale for being placed on the waitlist.  A copy of this letter will be provided to the referral source and to the caregiver.

If a referral becomes an active TRiP client, it is formally determined at iCT meetings which stakeholder will assume Case Lead.

Case Lead is assigned to the stakeholder who has or will naturally be assuming the greatest role with the client.  In cases where a stakeholder is already involved because of a current open file or upcoming file involvement, this stakeholder will become Case Lead.

If deemed appropriate, one of TRiP’s Support Workers (SW) may be assigned to a client.  If this occurs, the SW will attend C4, when possible.  They will meet with the Public School Liaison in charge over SW oversight on a monthly basis and submit the Community Engagement Summary to monitor activities, engagement and the link to the iCT Action Plan.

Stakeholder Representatives Exceptions:

Ministry of Social Services (MSS) files that have 11UI or twelve&up involvement may be held in more than one area such as Person of Sufficient Interest (PSI), Long Term Wards, Regina Children’s Justice Center, Screening, investigation, or Child Protection ongoing.  When files require ongoing child protection involvement these cases will be transferred and assigned to the MSS TRiP stakeholder representative.

File transfers to the MSS TRiP representative caseload may require 30 days or more to ensure completion of assessments are done by the current MSS caseworker and to ensure the family will actively work with TRiP. In this transition period the current MSS case worker should be invited to participate in iCT meetings, case conferences, or any other meetings regarding their case.

There may be exceptional circumstances when a file will not be transferred to the MSS TRiP representative due to a well-established case plan and relationship between the current child protection worker and family. This MSS child protection worker would then attend C4 as the MSS TRiP stakeholder representative ensuring that all TRiP processes are abided by. It is anticipated that this will be an exception not the norm.

Intersectoral Collaboration Team Forms

TRiP’s Case Manager facilitates iCT meetings.  During a client presentation the iCT Action Plan is completed by the stakeholder assigned as Case Lead.

  • School Engagement Summary
  • Stakeholder Background Report (completed by Justice, MSS & SHA)